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Jun 24, 2019

Paul is sick again, so its just Sam and Andrew and their combined tiredness. Oh boy!

There’s no lack of things to discuss, Is Cyberpunk controversial? Is Dr. Disrespect disrespectful? Is EA seriously trying to fool anyone by calling Lootboxes “Surprise Mechanics”? Yes they are for some stupid reason, All this and so many Why is this a things, in the newest installment of Inconsolables!


| Should we be upset about Cyberpunk 2077? (Transgender Ad, Picking Up Naked People, POC Gangs, You’re breathtaking guy’s donation, PAX West Demo) | Dr. Disrespect disrespects basic privacy | Untitled Goose Game is Epic-xclusive | RIP Patrick Munnik | D&D, Baldur’s Gate 3 & their Ranger Updates | According to EA, Lootboxes are “surprise mechanics” that are “quite ethical” | Fortnite stoops to stealing from Jacksfilms |

Why is this a thing?

| Kratos is bi, except he isn’t ;/ | Just Dance is releasing on the Wii | Petition to rename fire ants to spicy boys has 135k+ signatures | Christians petition to remove Good Omens… from Netflix | Euphoria has a locker room with over 100 dicks in it |


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