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Mar 18, 2019

Hey guys we’ve got the full cast on display for Episode 125! What does everyone think of Devil May Cry 5? Well I for love when [spoiler], and then [spoiler] with his large [spoiler]. Don’t worry we’ve got our censors keeping you safe from everything, even character's ass cracks.

Also we have just a Trish’s butt worth of news like seriously the list is just really just a lot of things. That’s what most large lists are: A large collection of things. I really don’t know what to put here guys just the collection of things is rather big.


| The attack on Christchurch | Pierre Taki, naughty cocaine boy, is being removed from Judgement and Kingdom Hearts 3 | Anthem’s Loot Shower “bug” | Halo coming to PCs | Epic pulls a late timed exclusive acquisition, on a crowd-funded game | Dwarf Fortress coming to Steam | Gearbox announces an announcement: could it be Borderlands 3? | Apex Character Leaked? | Did EA pay Ninja 1 million to stream apex? | A good Aladdin Trailer | Dragon’s Dogma will be a Netflix Anime | Doom: Annihilation | ID@XBOX at GDC has a bunch of rad indie games | Carmen Sandiago the Google Earth experience | L4D devs making Back 4 Blood | Hollow Knight Physical Release: Yet another chance to buy Hollow Knight |

Why is this a thing?

Devil May Cry 5 and its rather odd censorship | Cards Against Humanity parody: Face it you’re not funny or creative | Wall-Might and the stories of My Hero MAGA-demia



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