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Mar 4, 2019

Hey there people! No one got fired this week, and Whip is here to celebrate. But don't worry there's still a whole lot of WTF this week has to offer.

On the gaming front, Sam's played The Occupation and its complicated. Also Crackdown 3 which really isn't complicated.


| NEW THEME | Activision fires 800, but the stock ain't on the rise | Pokemon gen 8, and we all like different starters | Dune MMO is coming for some reason | A whole bunch of Kingdom Hearts stuff | Link is a wax dude, Johnny Cage is awesome, Detective Pikachu is a caffeine fiend & more DMC5 Trailers

Why is this a thing?

THQ Nordic's Absolute Trainwreck of an idea to do an 8Chan AMA

(author's note: the 48hr challenge? Apparently a hoax)


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