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Dec 17, 2018

It's that time of the year again. The time we talk trash and treasure about everything we loved and loathed from the year that was 2018.

Thank you so much to the fans and friends who submitted awards categories:

Brendan White and Sam Abraham (Hungry Gamers Podcast)
Rowan Idris Carmichael (Platforms and Pitfalls Podcast)
Trevor Scott and Ben Slinger (Bit Storm Podcast)
Callan Davison (Game Train Podcast)
Luke Retallack (Party Loaded Podcast)
Nobuyoshi Motonaga
Jono Pech (Puttin' In Work Podcast)
Michael (RESET: A Gaming Podcast)
Mumei (Cosplay Photographer Friend)
MrsLlante (Twitch Streamer)
Benny the Monkey

Just like to take a moment to say thank you everyone. It's been so fantastic, all the awesome support, the chats, the Twitch streams. This has been such a great year for the three of us dorks, and it's all because of you rad people. I hope whatever you do this festive month that you have a great time with whoever you spend that time with, and a great start to 2019. Can't wait to sort through all the malarkey again next year! :D


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