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Dec 3, 2018

Awards season is fast approaching. So let’s hunker down and get our preparations in order. Not that will help with the 12-hour game awards program from hell!


Otherwise, we’ve got controversies aplenty, Fallout 76 is dead in the water, and Red Dead is dealing with its own fallout.



| Wizard of the Coast release Basic D&D rules as a PDF | Red Dead 2 goes online | Netflix and their Live Action Anime Adaptation | A Canvas Bag full of Fallout 76 Controversies | The Emu War gets its video game adaptation | More Lootbox Investigationing | Nintendo Closes its Creator Program | Winnie the Pooh censored from KH3 Promotion in China |

WITAT: Yujiro Hanma, the anime Jean Claude Van Damme of Rulers.



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