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Nov 19, 2018

Load up them floppies, its time for the PC Classic! Er... I mean, the 112th episode of The Inconsolables. But also the PC Classic, like, that's actually a thing.

Paul's away, Andrew's given in (and given up) on Red Dead 2, and dove into the world of Hitman. Sammy's not been much for games this week, but has been watching Castlevania 2. Of course, a tonne of news as well, so come on it, sit right down, and have fun!


| Detective Pikachu Trailer | Stan Lee Passes Away :( | Nintendo Sues ROM Site... and Wins | Music-free Smash Bros ad | Black Ops 4 Sneaks In Microtransactions | PC Classic | Sony Skipping E3 2019 | Fallout 76 Delivers Cardboard CDs | Steam in AUD | Golden Joysticks | Sunset Overdrive on PC | Devil May Cry animation made by Castlevania Creator Announced | C&C Remaster Confirmed | WITAT: Tide Pod Boxed Wine | WITAT: Snoop and Spyro |



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