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Sep 10, 2018

Oh man, oh gosh, oh boy. Spiderman is out! Benny (aka GC Fabio) is here to gush about the latest superhero game. In other news, 2K wants Belgian gamers to defend loot boxes?! Sony thinks it’s so rad they don’t need crossplay, Polygon ditching review scores, and why Fabio and Miley Cyrus are the horse and chicken of humans.

 We’ve all sunk our teeth into Spiderman this week, and have mostly good and some glitchy things to share about it. Ben’s also gotten into some Destiny 2 and For Honour, Sam’s gone full indie with some GMTK game jam sampling and Paul’s had super fun medical issues!


| 2K wants Belgians to beg the government to bring loot boxes back lol | Sony rep says PS4 is the best, that’s why they don’t crossplay | Polygon ditching review scores | Henry Cavill cast as Geralt | Xbox making greaseproof controllers, which is kind of depressing |

...and much more!



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