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Aug 29, 2022

Andrew's moving house, so we're bumping ep 300 back a week, so here are some dumb jokes and such about a very naughty entertainment industry. 

Aug 24, 2022

It's the end of an era with Episode 300 marking 6 years of Inconsolable goodness! With all your favourite hard hitting stories like shitting on EA, people being homophobic douch canoes and men being mysiginistic wankholes. Don't worry though, Tony the Tiger will make it all GRREEEAAAAT!

| Embracer Steals Dads...

Aug 16, 2022

That's how comedy works, right? If the joke doesn't land just explain why its funny in excruciating detail?

Anyway, MrsL joined a cult, Andrew joined a different, spacey cult, and Sammy kicked his golf into Turbo Mode, whatever that means.

| Apex Legends Boycott is Going Swimmingly | Forspoken Ad Sucks | Cards...

Aug 9, 2022

It's the filler episode where we pad out the season. Seriously though, not a lot happening this week so thankfully we have some updates on some cool games we've been playing. Cult of the Lamb also drops on 11th August so check that out too! *Andrew tried to delete the release date but I've fixed it now*

Sam is having...

Aug 1, 2022

Congratulations you cryptodegenerates, you really know how to abandon all morality for more imaginary money. Good god. *deep sigh* Ever feel like your podcast title is a bit too accurate?

Also incest leads to rapid death, people doing things good and bad, and so much more idk.