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Nov 28, 2022


Naughty Corner:
| Callisto Protocol puts death animations behind a paywall | EB sells preowned ps5 for full price | Nintendo DMCA's steam icons | Music producer for GoW didn't do enough work to get credit |


Nov 22, 2022

Elon's been spreading his musk all over Twitter. Not great.

| Game Awards Nominations | Dead Island 2 Delayed | Geri Halliwell Joins Gran Turismo Movie |

Naughty Corner:
| ZA/UM Controversy | Yuji Naka Arrested on Charges of Insider Trading | Blizzard and NetEase Break Up | 

| AOC Drags Cryptobros for Their...

Nov 14, 2022

Welcome to another shit show, brought to you by our team of highly professional chaos bringers and special guest Zac! He's getting all hot under the collar for some granny action which explains his desire to grow a seedy mo. (Well actually he is growing a Mo for Movember which you should totally donate to.) Twitter is a...

Nov 7, 2022

Come now, surely we can be friends?I know so much about you. I love you, look at everything I've done for you. You would be nothing without me. Why won't you answer me? I bet you're busy talking to some fucking slut. Fucking skank. Is she hotter than me? Would you fuck me? Are you gay?


Oct 31, 2022

In which Bayonetta shows off her new (or not so new) talents, MrsL and Sammy argue the semantics of horror vs cuteness, and Andrew becomes an exile and asks for people to join him.

Yup, sure sounds like an episode of The Inconsolables! 

| Callisto Protocol Banned in Japan |

Naughty Corner:
| Hellena Taylor...