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Aug 20, 2018

It's late and all the witty title ideas are gone. So maybe it's all over. Reviews can't be trusted not to steal, steam is now letting malware into this games. Such a shame the game industry is over right before episode 100 :(

Aside from that, Paul got some VR stuff (oooooh), Sam's played some Graveyard Keeper, as has Andrew when not fixing his PC.


| Aww yiss Super Smash Updates | Filip Muicin (IGN) copies off everyone | GameInformer: if you sell it, we can review it | Discord start selling games; Fallout 76 not coming to steam | Steam sells a crypto mining virus, ugh | Dropmix updates w00t | Quakecon, and the Politics of Hell |

...and much more!


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PAX indie showcase winners!

Article on the subject of sexism at Riot Games



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