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Aug 6, 2018

Come on in the water’s nice and warm. Today us three old men get out walking stick and talk about these dang kids these days. We reminisce on the good ol’ days when games were fun and memes were a *hoot*.

Paul’s been plugging away at Resident Evil, Andrew’s infected his computer with No Man’s Sky, and Sam’s got a whole bunch of dem indie games specifically Pool Panic and Unavowed.



| EA kills Open Source SimCity | France ban smartphones for students | These dang kids and their Fortnite tutors | Epic make their own Android store, O RLY? | Anime “Virtual assistants” enter mass production | Spyro Trilogy get a physical/digital split up | We Happy Few physical releases will be delayed | Capcom want to do more remakes | WOW Haters? | God of War sold real good | Undertale heads to switch | LiS2 teaser | DJ Khaled embarrasses himself at the Overwatch Finals | COD gets a “sandbox” map | Fallout Cookbook | Labo Spray | Junji Ito inspired game is coming |




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