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Jul 2, 2018

When the Paul's away, the boys will Llante! Paul is feeling a little under the weather, so welcome aboard Twitch extraordinaire MrsLlante, for an extra saucy serving of Inconsolables!


Llante's jumped aboard the Final Fantasy Franchise with FFX and its... interesting plot. And on Andrew's suggestion, she's chewing on some Bloodborne cobblestone.
Andrew's played some interesting post-apocalyptic RPG goodness, courtesy of Tower of Time. Also some Get Even, psychological thriller stuff.
Sam's dug into some Mario Tennis, and Captain Spirit. Mostly just falling into a vat of Netflix due to the post-Queer Eye Dysphoria.

And of course, the news:
| DDLC linked to suicides | Blizzard's POTG patent | Dark Souls Boss Mod | Metal Gear Rising now Unplayable on Mac | We Happy Few Classification under review | PUBG V Fortnite Lawsuit is dropped | Rumour: Google plans to make a games console | Halo: The TV Show | Captain Spirit has DRM?! | Telltale engine being retired | The newest overwatch hero is a furball of death |




Tune in Friday on either our or MrsLlante's twitch for some monster prom shenanigans


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