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Jun 11, 2018

Andrew has returned, and with him, a vague attempt at normalcy!

The boys announce their E3 wrapup stream - Thursday June 14th at 8pm AEST, and as such do not cover the parts of E3 that have already happened at recording time (it was only EA anyway), but cover a tonne of other stuff!

Andrew's played The Count Lucadore and Vampyr, the NBN is being garbage, and Sammy somehow managed to turn a normal-esque conversation down a dark path. Yep, we're back in fine form!


| Melbourne eSports | NSN Chief blames gamers for shoddy network speeds | Far Cry 5 DLC... in Vietnam? | New Diablo game incoming? | Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a thing | Valve opens the floodgates | Just Cause 4 accidentally appears on Steam briefly | E3 leaked itself | Skate 3 servers back online | Spiderman Into The Spiderverse | Teen Titans GO Movie | Jeff Goldblum Jazz Album |


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