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Sep 19, 2016

Welcome to Episode 3 of the In-console-ables! A videogame podcast by Paul Cunningham and Andrew Natoli! ***WARNING*** We discuss the new update to the Resident Evil 7 demo. If you wish to avoid spoilers for the demo, skip the portions 45:20 - 50:24. We do clearly warn you in the recording too. We've done our bit, don't come whining about it! The intro and outro song is 8-Bit Dubstep - Button Masher by Ross Bugden Our Facebook page is: Andrew's Twitter is: Paul's Twitter is Paul's YouTube channel is Show Notes: 0:00: Intro 1:00: Digital Homicide 20:37: League of Legends turns 10 / Riot makes a board game! 27.30: Tokyo Games Show - Death Stranding 32:05: Tokyo Games Show - Monster Hunter 37:10: Tangent! Duke Nukem Forever sucks 40:00: VR Dating Sim 44:00: Resident Evil 7 demo 45:20: ***WARNING*** Resident Evil 7 Demo spoiler section 50:24: ***end of Resident Evil 7 spoilers*** 52:47: Andrew's "trailer binge" for TGS 55:45: Chris Metzen retires 1:01:50: Why Is This A Thing? - Tidus Fantasy X 1:09:17: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 1:11:11: A new Resident Evil CG movie 1:12:09: Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood - final episode releases 1:13:22: Outro Extracurricular: Jim Sterling's wrap up of the early parts of Digital Homicide's story Tidus Fantasy X: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: