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Feb 7, 2017

Episode 21 of the Inconsolables is totally a thing now. A thing you should listen to and enjoy. Especially the enjoy bit. Paul brings in the stories to get enraged about as he brings up the shitshow that is Gamestop's Circle of Life policy. Other than that, we talk about not going to RTX, Fire Emblem Heroes, and quite a lot of other stuff. The Inconsolables are Paul Cunningham and Andrew Natoli, and we chat about videogames, game industry happenings, and occasionally other general geekery. Our Facebook page is 
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 Paul's Twitter is The intro song is 8-Bit Dubstep - Button Masher by Ross Bugden…hannel=RossBugden This week's outro song is... very special. Extracurricular: Hex from Good Game's parting comments: All Star (but every note is C):