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Sep 12, 2016

Hey! The second episode of The In-console-ables is here - a videogame podcast by Paul Cunningham and Andrew Natoli! The intro and outro song is 8-Bit Dubstep - Button Masher by Ross Bugden.…hannel=RossBugden Our Facebook page is: Andrew's Twitter is: Paul's Twitter is Show Notes: 0:00: Intro 1:00: Warner Bros copyright atrikes themselves 5:09: Apple's Conference 31:37: Sony's Conference 51:13: Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice 1:08:09: Why the Hell is This a Thing? - Shane Warne VR 1:13:54: Final Fantasy - A New World returning to Australia 1:14:55: OZ Comic Con, Stephen Universe, Johann Sebastian Joust 1:20:00: Apple and Samsung done fucked up... again 1:22:02: Outro Extracurricular: King of Spin VR: Benyamin Nuss playing Those Who Fight from Final Fantasy VII: