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Feb 3, 2020

Hey this episode is a coupon for mutual oral intercourse or rather one 69.

Aside from childish goofs on the highly amusing number of the episode we are doing, we talk about the debacle of Warcraft III. Sitting at a grand 0.5 user score on metacritic (out of 10, ok?!), it really demonstrates how Blizzard really can't seem to get past this whole "microtransaction garbage and banning people for not bending to a humans-right violating government" bad press thing. 

But more importantly why won't square enix just put some blush and lipstick on Cloud for god's sake


Other news:
| Doom Eternal will have no microtransactions \o/ | New FF7 Remake trailer features great gender politics, but no bloody makeup! | Torchlight frontier will become torchlight III; ditches free to play for regular purchase and no microtransactions | Bar SK is closing down | Animal Crossing Switch |

Naughty Corner:
| Some russian dickhead false trademark for SCP Foundation; screwing over the community in attempt to turn profit | Digital Homicide, the indie games sewage plant, hits back! | Bethesda's fundraising debacle |

Why is this a thing?
| DK has a mouth on his foot | Plants V Zombies + Sydney crosswalk = Bad Guy |