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Oct 7, 2019

PAX is coming up! Much hype, very excite! Wow!

So we talk about what we're keen to see at PAX, both gamewise and panel-wise (as well as the stuff we're involved in). We also get into the anti-union jerks in the industry, some clean breaks away from jerks in the industry, and much more!

Also, we not-so-subtly tease an announcement for next week. Har.


| PAXAus | EA, Origin Access, and Security | ConcernedApe now self-publishing | Randy Pitchford Lawsuit | Bloodborne - Return to Yharnam Event | Monster Hunter x Resident Evil | Sony Cross Play | Brain Age | Jockbox 6 | Heartbeat Dev is Transphobic :( | Kickstarter is Anti-Union | Gearbox is Anti-Union | Monument Valley Dev is Anti-Union | Writers Guild of America is Too Good For Gaming |

Why is This a Thing?:
| Nickleback Copyright Strikes Donald Trump | Wendys: Feast of Legends |


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