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Dec 12, 2016

Episode 15 of The Inconsoleables is primed and ready for your earholes! We cover Let It Die, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV, and quite a bit of other stuff! The In-console-ables are Paul Cunningham and Andrew Natoli, and we chat about videogames, game industry happenings, and occasionally other general geekery. Our Facebook page is Our Facebook Messenger Chatroom is Our Youtube is Our Official Twitter is Andrew's Twitter is: Paul's Twitter is The intro and outro song is 8-Bit Dubstep - Button Masher by Ross Bugden…hannel=RossBugden Extra-curricular: Live action intro for Resident Evil (original): Miyamoto thumbs down: Norman Reedus x Kojima: Norman Reedus x Lisa: The GyllenHall: