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Sep 2, 2019

 In which most of the news is very upsetting and difficult. Devs are being homophobic, Game developers are having a #MeToo moment (which is good, but not fun to report on right?), and then there's other good news up in the mix I suppose.


| Ion Fury Devs are childish idiots | Alex Holowka, Zoe Quinn and an angry mob | A smattering of other dev abuse stories | Telltale is getting revived, or is it? | SUBtember | WoW Classic has fans queueing up to play | NBA 2K20: MyTeam Trailer is basically monetisation porn | Rainbox 6 Siege | Dropmix is over | Aladdin & Lion King games getting remastered | Little Hope | Untitled Goose Game – 20-Sep | Yakuza 7 is turn-based?! |

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