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Aug 26, 2019

The Chaos Crew is in full force this week, as MrsLlante rejoins us to talk about her meat. No, seriously. I refuse to elaborate on this.

Beyond that stupidity, there's plenty of other stupidity to talk about! Epic exclusivity (and certain devs refusing it), what the buzz is about Minecraft nowadays, ratings confusion, and much more. Get in there!


| IndieLand Charity | Ratings Confusion | DarQ and Skatebird and Epic - oh my! | Gamescom laundry list | Minecraft Is Buzzing | Respawn, APEX Legends and Backlash | Spiderman - Disney vs Sony | MTG |

Why is this a thing?

| Kitten Quacks Like a Duck | Internet Speeds | Robot Combat is Animal Cruelty |


Guest Details: MrsLlante


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