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Aug 19, 2019

Well, look who’s come crawling back. It’s Desmondous! He’s here, and with it the curse of hosts not being present. This time it’s Paul, he’s got technical issues.

Otherwise, Twitch is being naughty, DayZ is playing nice, G2A is scum as usual, EA isn’t being greedy with Need for Speed, EA is being greedy with Apex and of course, indies are the very best. Just another day at Inconsolables Incorporated!


| Ninja’s Twitch promotes other channels …Aaaand porn | DayZ modded to comply with AU standard | Subnautica dev tries to get in on the 10x G2A Payback deal, G2A claims slander *eyeroll* | Need for Speed won’t have lootboxes or surprise mechanics. I doubt this | SUPERHOT PRESENTS Knuckle Sandwich & Frog Detective 2 | Apex Legends will set you back $237 in microtransactions | Fortnite champ Swatted | THQ Nordic working on Saints Row and Metro Games | Release info: Agent A & Daymare: 1998 | Doom & Doom 2 patches a Bethesda login skip |

Why is this a thing?

Jack Black + Jack White = ??? | The Legendary TV Head | “Null”


Guest Details: Desmondous


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