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Aug 12, 2019

It's been a ridiculous week! We talk at length about mass shootings and the state of America (from the outside, looking in), Private Eyes and Lawsuits, oh my!

And, of course, because the internet exists, ooblets of harassment. Urgh...


| Ooblets Devs Receive Harassment | ESA Leaked More Than We Thought | Video Games Blamed for Mass Shootings | Pokemon World Championships Banned Weird Card | Take Two Sends a Private Eye to a Youtuber's House  | Rocket League Ditching Lootboxes | Epic Faces Lawsuit Over Security Breach | Ducktales Remastered Delisted | DayZ Refused Classification in Australia | Duke Nukem Modded into Serious Sam | Baldur's Gate and Other Classic RPGs Coming to Switch |

Why is this a thing?

| Vanta Black vs Pinkest Pink | Bulletproof Backpacks | Avengers Friendgame | Sekiro GAT Video |


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