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Aug 5, 2019

Who cares about video games? Especially when climate change and stuff exists. Much more important than talking about devs that think that the best way to approach a persistent consumer concern is to talk to detractors like they're children.

1Life0Continues is onboard to sort through all these childish musings. Activision is turning all games into lootboxes unto themselves. Ninja is going Mix-clusive which is great unless this is just the streaming version of Steam V Epic. Breastfeeding isn't sexual. Papa Roach is stealing art, but it was his last resort. All this and other unimportant childish things on this here episode.


| Crash Team Racing has microtransactions now, surprising no one | Ooblets dev announce going Epixclusive, are honest and frank, and pretty condescending | Ninja is going Mixer exclusive, Mixclusive if you'd rather | Twitch rules breastfeeding as not sexual, will not remove | Google trials "Play Pass" app subscription service | Papa Roach promoters use Monster Prom w/o credit, a last resort | ESA leak 2000+ E3 games media people's details | EA insists Switch isn't a good fit for their games | Diablo playable in browser | State of Gaming in Australia 2019 survey |

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