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Jul 22, 2019

So we have a super tragic story, that means making  a joke or talking about how there isn’t any news would be super insensitive. And we didn’t make any jokes and once again insensitive.

So yeah its mostly a slow news week, except that over 30 people died in an awful arson attack. It really puts into perspective how unimportant EA and Ubisoft shenanigans are. I don’t know man its been a long day and I’m writing this at 1am, so yeah, tell your loved ones you love them and I hope you enjoy the show.


| 33 Killed in Kyoto Animation Studio Arson | FIFA 20’s Legacy Switch Version is pretty much identical to FIFA 19 | Ubisoft is working with HITRECORD to get fans to make music for Watch Dogs | Free games going missing on Epic Store | Google Stadia AMA |


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