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Jul 15, 2019

In which a bunch of news suddenly appeared in the runsheet last minute and we scramble to cover it all in a timely manner.

Sammy and Andrew have been playing the Sinking City... it's... not great. Paul's made a return to Final Fantasy - sans pizza, and we're all annoyed at EA. Again.


| FF14 and Dominos | Shenmue Backers Need to buy Season Pass Still | Nintendo Switch Lite | Kids Bankrupt Their Family via FIFA | Ubisoft Banning XP Grind Levels | G2A Trying to Buy Press | Sean Murray Reckons Devs Should Shut Up if Your Launch was Bad | Cuphead Animated | Masters of Doom TV Show |

Why is this a thing?

It was going to be G2A but Paul covered it in news... lol


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