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Jul 8, 2019

In which we speculate how EA could ruin Skate 4 for everyone. After all, they are the bad guy.

In other news, the NBN is going to improve the internet by bringing it down to its level, G2A is a scummy trash fire, Epic will refund future Epixclusive Kickstarters (so that means we have more of these stories to look forward to), and further evidence Activision-Blizzard shouldn’t have fired hundreds of people in one go.


| NBN wants to improve the internet by breaking net neutrality | G2A is a scummy market that costs developers | Shenmue 3 and Epic talk about Kickstarter refunds for games that go Epixclusive | Activision-Blizzard are hiring community managers, a few months after firing people in those positions | EA doesn’t understand why they’re the “bad guy” | Remedy acquires Alan Wake publishing rights | Terraria is receiving its last update | Metal Wolf Chaos is releasing August 6 | Cuphead DLC delayed to prevent crunch | The Messenger’s free Picnic Panic DLC drops this week |

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