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May 20, 2019

Sammy's sick this week, so Paul and Andrew hold down the fort, discussing the election a little bit. Andrew's addicted to Mordhau and Paul's been trying out Rage 2. And, of course, the news! I am so sick of the E word...


| Update: Riot Walkout | Adobe Software and Older Versions | Katana Zero Rated | Outer Wilds and Epic | Epic and Sales Fails | Microsoft and Sony Working Together on AI | Epic at BAFTAS | Mario Maker 2 | Black Mirror 5 | Netflix at E3 | Beat Saber Leaving Early Access |

Rumour Mill:
FROM Software have an E3 Announcement

Why is this a thing?

| Sonic Burger | Ubisoft Joking About A New Splinter Cell |

Snakey Bus


Sammy's Article on Epic:


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