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May 13, 2019

Oh boy another State of Play. That Cloud from Final Fantasy is pretty. Want to know my fantasy? A bloody release date for this bloody game!

Whip is here to guide us through the news this week. Games Unions, Walkouts, and Lootbox banning, Oh my! So much to cover so let's get on into it shall we


| State of Play and its announcements | Attempts made to ban lootboxes in the US | The Rioter Riot!: A Walkout Story | The Report from the Games Workers Union Melbourne Meetup | Some MK11 Developers are in therapy for PTSD now | Yahtzee's Dev Diary | Pikachu Movie Leak (aka the Pik Roll) | Xbox have patented a controller for visually impaired people |

Why is this a thing?

Random Tattoos: probably going to cause some Ragegrets | Goats of Duty | Uno is here to teach Twitter |


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