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Apr 22, 2019

We’re keeping it on the down low in this cozy little episode. Settle down with a little minestrone why don’t you? We’ll guide you through the news of the week. Borderlands! Star Wars! A few things I’m into! We got it all.

Paul and Andrew have a bit more to say on the ol’ Sekiro, and the lovely Dead Cells. Sam’s got some new indie things to try out. ‘Sall good.


| PS5 (or Playstation 4 2) is going to be a thing | Microsoft has a Xbox One SAD announcement | Samsung makes a foldable phone that folds... and breaks | Katana Zero is refused Australian Classification, so why is it still on steam? | Assassin's Creed Unity and all their Notre Dame News | Beta Bar is Closing T_T | XIII (no not final fantasy XIII) is getting a remake |


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