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Apr 1, 2019

Hi. I hope you enjoyed Sekiro, because most of us did. If not, uhhhh I guess I have really rookie guitar strumming for about 10 minutes!

Callan from Game Train has jumped on board to chat about Sekiro. Meanwhile, maybe Karl and I should make a new podcast and ban all Sekiro chat? I can dream at least of my Sekiro-less future.


| State of Play: Sony’s little showcase | Observation is going Epic-lusive | Bethesda gives on their launcher; titles headed back to steam | Apple’s press conference | EA fires ~350 | Valve reveals the “Valve Index” VR | Elder Scrolls is 25 | Is Nintendo releasing a low-end & high-end version of the switch? | DMC5’s Bloody Palace DLC | Dance Central VR Announced | Sam saw an Angry Birds 2 Film Trailer |

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