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Feb 18, 2019

This week. It’s been a tricky one. Over 700 people were laid off by Bobby “Most Punchable Billionaire Boi” Kotick. And our super close podcast buddies, RESET Podcast, are closing down their podcast. -_-

It’s not all terrible, I guess. Nintendo Direct dropped a whole bunch of games into our collective laps. Not to mention we’re still in game release primetime. We’ll get through this everyone ^_^



Activision-Blizzard announces best year profit-wise, then lays off hundreds of people :/ | Axiom Verge crashes on the Epic Game Store, for a wonderfully dumb reason | Jim Ryan is going to be Sony’s new CEO, hopefully this is an April Fool’s joke | EVERYTHING from the latest Nintendo Direct | Harmonix’s new game: Audica | FFXIV is joining Sydney Mardi Gras | Sonic Mania devs form their own studio |


Why is this a thing?

BIG SHARK - from Tommy Wiseau

(Honorable Mention: Schick Hydrobot X Transformers Comic)




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