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Feb 4, 2019

Yes, yes, Kingdom Hearts 3 is out. So let's listen as Andrew and Paul attempt to navigate through what little story they understand and can talk about without spoiling.

Sam's played more RE2, and LiS2E2 (aka Brother Wolves). Elsewhere Metro's made some people mad, Titanfall is being sent to the grave, and EA gives a helpful spreadsheet for protecting yourself from Anthem's release.


Metro exodus goes Epic exclusive, People are not pleased | Unity acquires VIVIOX | Modder Durante has founded a pc port company, PH3 | CD Projekt Red v Witcher author update | Rumoured Titanfall Battle Royale “apex legends” coming without titans?! Is EA trying to kill Titanfall?! | EA and their anthem release spreadsheet | Rumoured Nintendo Switch Version to have fewer features and more portability |

Why is this a thing?

Marshmello is holding a concert in Fortnite, and excuse me while I have an existential crisis for a bit.



"A Good Enough Summary of Kingdom Hearts"



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