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Nov 12, 2018

Get cosy Xbox have their X0 event on, and we’ve got the scoop of all the things you do and don’t care about from Microsoft’s event. Plus, lawsuits galore, and just what is going on with Final Fantasy these days.

We’ve been playing a bit. Sam’s sunk his teeth into Return of the Obra Dinn, and of all things mobile games?! Paul’s done more shooty bangs in Western time. Andrew? He’s done some Crusader of Light and some good ol’ Runescape.

Also, congratulations to Ryu for being our Damsel winner!


| Trusted Reviews pays 1 million pound settlement over document leaks | Class Action Lawsuit filed against Riot Games for sexism and pay gaps | X018 (incl. Crackdown “confirmed” release date, InXile & Obsidian purchased, Just Cause 4 is ridiculous) | Final Fantasy 15 DLC Cancelled | FF7 Remake Compilation? | Payday 2’s secret ending is WILD | Destiny 2 forsaken underperforms, is Bungie going to stuff in more microtransactions? | Battlefield V’s “pay more for early release” bonaza | Bloodborne 2 hints in Deracine? (Rumour) | Samsung made a fold phone (not to be confused with a flip phone) | New Mass Effect tease dropped on twitter | STOP THE PRESSES: Here is a skateboarding bird video game - Skatebird | WITAT: The sacreligious, saint-hunting Spanish-only Follow JC Go |



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