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Nov 5, 2018

Hope you’re all in high spirits! We’ve got a bunch of stuff to tell you about. From Smash to Diablo on Mobile, Uninstallers that destroy all your stuff, to games that delete themselves. It’s back to the grind I suppose!

Paul’s got all the deets on that Rooty Tooty Cowboy Shooty game. Andrews played that Cthulu game, and Sam is playing Delta Rune, right now, during the podcast.


| Blizzcon (WOWs doing a remaster, Ashe and BOB: new overwatch peeps, Diablo Immortal and the fans that hate it, People don’t like the Diablo III amiibo at all) | Smash (Ken & Incineroar join the roster, SPRING MAN IN SMASH… as an assist trophy, All your favourite video game characters: Violently murdered, Piranha Plant?) | GOG busts out a transphobic joke to sell games | PS Classic games announced | Witcher Show Teased | MediEvil remake | Delta Rune |


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