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Oct 1, 2018

Gawrsh! It's a new episode of the Inconsolables. This week, Sony presents a new innovation: crossplay. You know that thing we had until sony ruined everything. Elsewhere, we have more details on Telltale, a discussion on the future of consoles, Goofy dropping the base, and just how much memory does it take to simulate realtime weather-responsive testicle physics.

We dive in the Spiderdude. Sam meanwhile is punching through that parenting simulator God of War, Andrew's done some of that Command and Conquer Rivals Malarkey, and Paul's got more rad VR Titles to chat about.


| PAX AUS deets (less than a month now guys!) | Sony finally re-enabling crossplay (starting with fortnite) | RDR2's memory requirements are horse testictacularly obscene | Updates on Telltale's closure | Correction: Nintendo will hold onto saves | Human sized Pacman maze coming to Australia | Club Penguin Island Closes | KH3 Theme - Collaboration with Skrillex |


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