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Aug 27, 2018

Guys, somehow we did it! We didn't kill each other! We made it w00t! This episode's got everything, Gamescom, indies, and oh boy! doxxing! You shouldn't have, no but really you shouldn't have. Oh and the realisation that my parents and Naruto had sex at least once

Paul's still enjoying his VR stuff, Andrew's jumped aboard the Graveyard Keeper Train, and Sam has played a "pinball Metroidvania"?!


| Gamescom stuff (incl. The Dark Pictures, Life is Strange 2, Devil May Cry and Sekiro) | Nintendo indie stuff (incl. The Gardens Between and Terraria) | Twitch Prime has to deal with ads again| Leave it to D.Va | The joke so bad they doxxed CD Projekt Red over it | Soul Calibur removes classic character, selling it as Day one DLC |

...and much more!




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