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Sep 5, 2016

***warning* Due to technical difficulties, this episode has low audio quality. This is significantly improved from Episode 2 onwards*** Hey! This is the first episode of The In-console-ables - a videogame podcast by Paul Cunningham and Andrew Natoli! The intro and outro song is 8-Bit Dubstep - Button Masher by Ross Bugden. Our Facebook page is: Andrew's Twitter is: Paul's Twitter is Show Notes: 0:00: Intro 1:20: ARK: Survival Evolved DLC - before the game's finished! 5:07: New Walking Dead series! 8:20: Pokemon GO Buddy System 15:30: No Man's Sky 25:20: Time Allen DOOM 29:13: World of Warcraft: Legion 51:00: Deux Ex: Mankind Divided 56:32: A Dark Room 1:04:00: The longest, most rambly, confusing Outro you've ever heard 1:07:27: Outtake Extracurricular: Tim Allen DOOM: Crab Souls: