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Apr 26, 2022

Most of the internet had already proven that they don't listen to people when they're being given important details.

Seems Sammy is in the same position too.

Hugs aren't always free, you know?

| AEW: Fight Forever Made Official | Wikimedia Stops Accepting Crypto | Unbound Publishing Initiative | D&D Direct |


Apr 24, 2022

Zac from News to Reviews chats about Dying Light 2: [subtitle redacted]. Full spoilers in effect so uh, go play the game first ya silly.

Want to check out the spoilercasts early, sub to the patreonnnn.

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Apr 19, 2022

Randy's a Wizard, Sora's got a Sugar Daddy, and Sean Murray's STILL talking. Oh dear...

| Kingdom Hearts 4 | Hasbor Buying D&D Beyond | Sean Murray Talks Up New Game |

Bad Stuff:
| Randy Pitchford Buys the Magic Castle | Microsoft Building Advertising Program for Free-to-Play on Consoles |

Why is this a thing?

Apr 11, 2022

Life is chaos, and so are we. I am your zuckerberg, fuck off bitches and ready your butthole for the News to Reviews, taking us through the awful, and slightly less awful news of the week.

| ABK brings on QA people as full on employees, but there's a catch ft. Undead Labs x Microsoft issues | Crystal Dynamics...

Apr 4, 2022

How nice of life to put all the life stuff *after* the really busy video game rush!

| E3 2022 is cancelled, is E3 dead now? | PS Plus Changes | Elden Ring characters modded into Tekken 7 | BotW 2 delayed to 2023 |

Bad Stuff:
| ABK in trouble againnn: settlements, walkout over removing vaccine mandates, senators'...