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Jun 24, 2019

Paul is sick again, so its just Sam and Andrew and their combined tiredness. Oh boy!

There’s no lack of things to discuss, Is Cyberpunk controversial? Is Dr. Disrespect disrespectful? Is EA seriously trying to fool anyone by calling Lootboxes “Surprise Mechanics”? Yes they are for some stupid reason, All this and...

Jun 17, 2019

This week is a little different from our normal shows. This week, we cover all of the major E3 press conferences!
Witness our slow descent into madness as we realise just what we've gotten ourselves into... 


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Jun 10, 2019

If you don't like today's episode, maybe you're just not rich, sexy or design-savvy enough for it. Maybe none of us are.

MrsLlante joins us to discuss the crazy announcement from Apple and Google, and speculate on who would buy this stuff. Meanwhile, E3 Leaks, EA's attempt at E3 hypemongering, punchworthy faces and some...

Jun 3, 2019

I'm back from illness and just in time to discuss all the people crying in the new Death Stranding trailer! Oh and so much more

Are we all game diseased? Are Pokemon trying to monitor our sleep? Does Ubisoft not understand how roller derbies work? All that and more


| Gaming Disorder is officially a thing (Sam...