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Oct 29, 2018

We went to that PAX thing! So no news this week - instead we bring you a series of conversations we had around the show! An audio diary of our experience at PAX Aus, with a few very special guests!




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Oct 22, 2018

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, PAX is almost here everyone. PAX is almost here! So let’s talk all about the stuff we’re looking forward to and talk about like some news I guess.

Sam’s also been to the GO GameOut Market, which you should totally check out. Whole bunch of rad people, including Callan from Game Train!


Oct 15, 2018

We enlist the actual important news podcaster, Jack Kruse to argue about stuff this week. The debates: is COD crap? (Yes), is Batman emotionally strong? (Doubt it) and does Batman use a cowl to hide his crying? (Obviously)

All that and so much more crap abounds in this new ep!


| EB Games now has AfterPay | Bob and...

Oct 8, 2018

We're in full insanity mode this week as we chatter about a bunch of gaming stuff... and some really random tangents.

We have a chat about overseas currency, for example. Yeah.

Andrew's been plugging away at the Spoderman while his PC's out of commission, while Sammy's been playing Life is Strange 2, and Paul's been a...

Oct 1, 2018

Gawrsh! It's a new episode of the Inconsolables. This week, Sony presents a new innovation: crossplay. You know that thing we had until sony ruined everything. Elsewhere, we have more details on Telltale, a discussion on the future of consoles, Goofy dropping the base, and just how much memory does it take...